How to open the day and arrive on site? (morning ritual)

Anna Stapelfeldt and Benjamin Bakhshi: Klasse Social Design, HFBK Hamburg


You can walk around the site, listen to it and focus on one sound.

  • Where does this sound come from?
  • Have you heard it before?
  • Is it “human-made"? Is it "natural"?
  • Is it loud or rather quiet?
  • Is it sharp, or soft?
  • Does it have a rhythm?
  • Is there a reason you picked it?
  • Do you associate this sound with a certain feeling or memory?

After this sound study, it's your turn to create it, 
Use your voice to imitate the sound you chose.

Next, we'll repeat the exercise by imitating the sound through movement creating a collective body sculpture.


Start by finding a position that allows you to observe the Bille. 

  • How does it look like?
  • Can you hear it?
  • When was the last time you were in sweet or salty water?
  • Do you remember how it felt like?
  • Do you connect it with a memory or a place?

Whilst observing and answering those questions you can start observing the people around you. 
We all interpret elements and connect with them in different ways, how would they answer these questions?

Next, we'll gather and have a collective vocal experience. We’ll be the echo of a person shouting, creating from a single voice an improv choir.

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