How to design space for various types of conversations?

Gilly Karjevsky

The Social Design class responded to the theme of the ALLES IST SCHON DA gathering and the site of PARKS by providing for a scenography and contributing to the program.

Benjamin Bakhshi and Anna Stapelfeldt contributed with two site-specific morning rituals to welcome participants on site. Julia Nordholz contributed with a music and radio program for Hallo radio. 

Lola Bott, Karolina Kaiser, Charlotte Perka and Sandra Schumann, designed and constructed the scenography for the gathering. The design drew inspiration from the surrounding area and materials of PARKS, seeking to connect the existing elements with newly fabricated ones.

In order to detail the scenography, we focused on the various seating constellations throughout the gathering in different conversation formats, working sessions and meal breaks. We introduced flexible round table elements to connect already existing straight tables, along with an oval platform that served as both a room divider and a space for relaxation and reading. Our intention was to counterbalance the linear aspects of the space and introduce a sense of softness.

Additionally, to provide more intimate conversational situations we designed connectable seating cushions that extend the structure of the pervasive mono-block plastic chairs. The cushions can be connected with a zipper, which allows the formed circle to close or open at any time, thus changing the seating situation and the conversation environment.

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